4 songs for Somalia

18 Oct 2017, Posted by Fungai Tichawangana in Africa through its Music

Words cannot express the anger and sadness we feel. We send thoughts of comfort and peace to the people of Somalia



Sometimes music says what words cannot. Here are some songs we have selected for the people who are closest to those who were killed or injured in Mogadishu and for those who have to live with the trauma of this attack.


Siyelele Mama (Sechaba) – Sarafina Sound Track


“We are under attack, mother,” go the lyrics of this song from the famous South African movie, ‘Sarafina.’ Indeed, we are under attack. All of us.


Todii (What shall we do)? – Oliver Mtukudzi


Zimbabwe’s most famous musical ambassador sang this song at the height of the HIV/AIDS scourge. He asked, “What shall we do? How do we fix this?” Terrorism is a new scourge affecting Africa. As the number of jobless young people goes up, the danger of them being enticed into terrorism increases. What shall we do?


Welcome to Mogadishu



May we continue to fight for each other. Mogadishu is Johannesburg, is Harare, is Nairobi, is Cairo.
A welcome to Mogadishu is a welcome to Africa.


We shall overcome – Diana Ross


This last song is not from Africa but encapsulates the spirit we see in the people of Somalia in the face of this tragedy. No matter how hard the tribulations, we shall overcome.

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