Nairobi adventures with kids

27 Feb 2018, Posted by Verity Norman in Moments of Magic, Places, Travel Diary

Last week, I had an unusual Friday off with Nips. We decided to explore Nairobi, technically Karen suburb, and see what was possible in terms of child-friendly activities. We were pleasantly surprised!

First stop – Kazuri Beads, where we learned about the process of bead and jewellery making. Nips even got to make her own bracelet!

Next was lunch at Tin Roof Cafe, with a very full playground, some cute boutique-y shops, and delicious fresh food, it’s the perfect escape for kids and parents.

After a nap at a friend’s home, Fungai joined us for excitement at the Hub in Karen. We had dinner at Roast (a less overwhelming franchise of the famous “Carnivore” restaurant), fun and games at the Hub games arcade, topped off by an ice cream from Zuchinni.

SUCH an awesome day, and confirmed to us how child-friendly the city can be!

Do check out our other recommendations below for things we love to do in Nairobi with two-year-old Nips.

African Drift’s Kid-Friendly Recommendations for Nairobi:

  • David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage
    Who can resist watching baby elephants being fed enormous bottles of milk?
  • Giraffe Center
    Children and adults alike squeal with delight while feeding giraffe by hand!
  • Purdy Arms Saturday Organic Farmer’s Market
    Whenever we’re in Nairobi on a Saturday, we’re sure to go to the Organic Farmer’s Market at Purdy Arms. Nips LOVES getting “fesspending” (“face-painting”) and they’ve got jumping castles, swings, jungle gyms, see-saws, mini motorbikes…in other words, kid-heaven. All this while the adults buy yummy organic veggies or brunch outdoors at Purdy Arms!
  • The Arbor Cafe
    Another outdoor cafe that we love, and they also have a sandpit with toys for kids.


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