Madiba Restaurant, Brooklyn #PlacesYouNeedToVisit

10 Sep 2017, Posted by Verity Norman in Places

Whenever anyone asks me where they should go to eat in New York City, I tell them to skip NYC and get on over to Madiba in Brooklyn! I. Really. Love. Madiba!!! Whenever I’ve had longer period of living in the United States, I find myself reeeeeeeally missing tastes of home. Boerewors. Provita. Marmite. Samoosas. And Madiba brunches are the BEST!

I’ve dragged numerous friends there over the years. In 2012, Fadzie, Doreen and I made the trek to Madiba during a brief and chilly October visit from Fadzie. In 2013, also in October, Meg, Christina and I interrupted a post-wedding roadtrip due to my obsession with Madiba (and this was a week after returning from South Africa…they just had to taste Madiba food!) Later that year, hours after my mum, niece and nephew arrived from…you guessed it, South Africa, direct from JFK Airport, our first stop was Madiba!

The last trip was particularly meaningful, as Fungai, Nips and I were there less than a week after the passing of the restaurant’s namesake, Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first democratically elected president. In his memory, Madiba Restaurant had a condolence book (which we signed) , and they later had a candle-lighting ceremony. Although we were thousands of miles from home, surrounded by South African artwork, music, food, we felt at home and able to remember Madiba and his enormous contribution to our beloved South Africa.

This place is great for:

  • Hanging out
  • Reconnecting with home if you’re South African (or Southern African)
  • Getting a taste of South Africa without leaving Brooklyn 🙂

More info:

Check out their website here



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