Fishing at dawn on Lake Victoria & the splendour of Speke Resort Munyonyo

14 Aug 2017, Posted by Fungai Tichawangana in Moments of Magic

In 2016 we attended a conference at the 5 star Speke Resort and Conference Centre in Kampala, Uganda. It is one of the most opulent resorts we have ever seen.

Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, 12 km from the city centre, the resort was constructed on an 80 acre plot of land. It features an Olympic size pool (which the hotel staff claim is the only one of its size in Uganda), an infinity pool, an equestrian centre, a gym, 8 restaurants, conferencing facilities and a marina where boat tours around the lake begin.

There are, wait for it, 59 Presidential Suites! The hotel also features multiple meeting rooms and a huge ballroom, seating up to 1,000 people. 

Check out their website here.

The photo above was taken, just outside one of the hotel rooms as fishermen set out onto the lake to begin their day. The lake supports over 35 million people and is sadly threatened by pollution and over-fishing. 

The numbers of fishermen the lake supports is staggering. According to a 2015 article in Slate.com, “In the 1970s there were 50,000 fishermen and 12,000 fishing boats on Lake Victoria. Today, according to the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO), the body charged by the East African Community with safeguarding the lake’s future, over 200,000 people fish from 60,000 boats, with more than 2,000 new vessels appearing on the lake every year. As outboard motors and trawlers replaced less efficient paddled canoes, the tonnage of fish caught increased tenfold between the late 1970s and the turn of the millennium.”


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